Chicago Data Center

Our Data Center in Chicago (427 S La Salle Street, Chicago, IL, 60605, USA)

Your data is what fuels your business and you need a safe, secure and reliable option for housing this integral part of your enterprise. At GTHost, we offer our clients Chicago data center options that provide optimal security against fire, flood, heat and theft.

Optimal Security for your Chicago Data Center

Hotlineservers provides multiple security features and systems to ensure your Chicago data center is safe at all times and from all forms of attack. Our security includes:

  • Closed-Circuit TV: our centers are monitored with reliable, closed-circuit television systems to ensure the area is fully covered and there are clear images available in the case of an incidence.
  • Customizable Security: Choose from our selection of dedicated pods, cages and suites to add an additional layer of protection.
  • Onsite Guards: Our experienced security professionals watch over the premise at all times of day and night to ensure physical security threats are dealt with immediately.
  • Access Protection: Our Chicago data center is accessible only by HID access card.
  • Interlocking Doors: dual interlocking doors in our lobby give another option for control and security over entry to our building.

Start an Easy instant setup!

Hotlineservers makes it simple to start using our Chicago data center with No Setup Fee annd instant activation