Amd ryzen 59xx back in stock

Amd 5900x and 5950x are back in stock in Miami and New York.

28th Mar 2021
Los Angeles storage server hard drive issue.

We are currently experiencing hard drive issues with servers hard drives. This was due to when it was moved today the tech dropped the server. We are hoping that it is only the raid card that needs to be reseated. We will update here when we hear an update.     The issue has now been corrected and the node is ... Read More »

27th Mar 2021
Miami and New York kvm migration

Everyone in Miami and Ne York has been migrated to the new 5950x nodes. We are still waiting on hardware to come in so some vps are still on the 3950x node in New York. We will migrate the rest next weekend.


Any questions please let us know.

27th Mar 2021
Planned outage Los Angeles 3/27/21 12 pm cst

We are moving the last node in Los Angeles to our own rack in Los Angeles, so we can enable an internal network. The nodes will be down for about 30-60 minutes starting at 12 pm on 3/27/21.


20th Mar 2021
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