almalinux now available

Almalinux is now available on kvm vps plans.

15th Feb 2021
2/15/2021 - Planned Switch Replacement Chicago

On Monday (2/15) between 7 AM and 9 AM CST, we will be replacing one of our redundant aggregate switches in Chicago. While we don't necessarily expect any downtime, this serves as a warning for potential extremely short-term downtime during that time period. Most likely, this would manifest itself as a brief drop.

12th Feb 2021
Off site backup included on all vps plans 12gb and higher for free

We are happy to announce that all vps plans 12gb and higher include off site backup for free.

8th Feb 2021
2nd off site back server added

We have added a 2nd off site backup server. This one is on the east coast. All vps in New York, Miami,and Chicago that have the offsite backup add on will now see shorter backup and restore times. Los Angeles vps will continue using the west coast off site backup server.

6th Feb 2021
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